Hi there, I'm Leslie


Hi there, I'm Leslie

I deeply believe in one’s ability to make magic happen, even when you aren’t sure you can do it - all you need is the desire and the will. This is the will that has allowed me to transform my life over and over again.

I have built 6 successful businesses in over 17 years, with passion, grit and determination. I started my previous business with zero experience and know-how of what I was doing. I just followed my gut and it lead me to build a multiple six-figure business which I was then able to sell.  But the thing is, while that business started with me building a powerful message that I believed in, it ended up in me listening to what everyone out there was saying - which in turn affected my happiness and health while making me feel overworked to the point of burnout.

That crazy chaos has come up in my life many times - like when I was a teenager and got into a ton of trouble as a rebel without a cause which then led me to having to makeover my own life.


success comes from within

Whenever there’s chaos and you feel overworked, it always comes down to you taking back control. Finding alignment within yourself translates into building a much more powerful business.

As women, we have so many roles in our lives, we love taking care of others, but don’t realize that this lack of alignment with ourselves ends up negatively impacting everything we do.  Life is too short to stay unhappy with something that doesn’t feel aligned or right.

That’s why I love motivating women and helping them build unshakeable confidence while they find their inner strength and changing their lives for the better.

I have been able to rise to the occasion in an unconventional way while paving my own path - because if there’s something I can’t stand, it’s doing things the way you are “supposed” to. I believe you are here to be a trailblazer and a leader and I’m here to help you

rise up and do your thing.
your way.

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